Art Therapy

Art therapy offers a non-threatening approach to treatment where clients use the creative process to explore their feelings and manage other issues such as anxiety, emotional conflicts, addictions, social skills and self-esteem. Art therapy is specifically helpful for people who are reluctant or find it difficult to talk to others about their current challenges.

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Clients who are interested in art therapy do not need any specific artistic talent or history with art making. During art therapy, therapists expose clients to a variety of art materials, such as paint, markers, chalk, and clay that they use to work through their emotions in a way that gives an opportunity for non-verbal processing and conflict resolution. Art therapists are trained in art as well as human development, psychology, and counseling. This approach is an effective tool for clients dealing with trauma, as well as those seeking overall wellness.

  • Individuals dealing with Trauma
  • Children who have difficulty putting feelings into words
  • Teens reluctant to give therapy a try
  • Couples experiencing difficulty communicating
  • For families seeking better communication and problem solving


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