Staying Soft of Heart

What do we do to keep ourselves from wallowing in life’s normal situations, or perhaps circumstances that are not so normal but seem to pile one on top of the other? How do we stay soft of heart despite life’s difficulties, including when others are not in agreement with our personal choices?

What do I Believe in and Why Does it Matter?

When life feels out of sorts, especially during times like these with national and global news filled with a pandemic, shaky politics and political scenes, and other unrest and world issues, we can easily slip away from the root of who we are and forget about what we believe in. You may have heard the term “Stay strong in your beliefs.” It is important to weld a sense of surety and direction into your existence by being true to your values—your fundamental beliefs and guiding principles. By living your life based on your beliefs, you are being authentic to yourself.

Techniques to Help You Stop Worrying About the Future

Has worry about the future ever stopped you from sleeping well? Has worry ever affected productivity in your day? Has worry ever altered your mood? Our human brains are tuned into knowing that life has many unknowns and challenges, and we naturally want to make sure “everything will be okay”. So, ridding ourselves completely of worry may never happen. The good news is there are techniques that you can adopt to help you stop worrying about the future.

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