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Many people benefit from speaking to a therapist when life is not going as expected. The reasons for seeking individual therapy varies. Some people come with a specific problem in mind to solve. Others recognize the presence of troubling symptoms in their life like anxiety, sadness, moodiness, low energy, concentration difficulties, changes in libido, sleep issues, increased use of drugs or alcohol, body image concerns, changes in motivation and productivity, relationship issues, or just not feeling like yourself.

We Can Help

Some people benefit from using solution-focused, strength based problem solving. Others benefit from spending time working in-depth to uncover and discover better ways to live with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Together, we’ll discover the best ways to work towards wellness. We offer a full range of services for individuals.

At the Family Guidance & Therapy Center of Southern California, we collaborate with you on your specific treatment goals. We understand that creating time for therapy can be difficult. We want this experience to create lasting change within your life. We love being a part of creating a better you!


Live purposefully. Love fully. Grow with us!









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Two Locations to Serve You

Point Loma Location
3555 Kenyon Street, Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92110

Mira Mesa/Scripps Ranch
10731 Treena Street, Suite 105
San Diego, CA 92131

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