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The summer months are a time of great opportunity. The longer days invite more possibilities for enjoyable activities that have been pushed off all year. But, the great potential to engage in self-care can be challenged by shifts in routine that come along with the summer season. Perhaps you may even feel an increased sense of demand on your time and are overcommitted to summer plans. Taking advantage of vacation time, planning activities for your family or committing to an excess of social events can leave you feeling stretched too thin making a struggle for balance feel even more difficult. Therefore, sustaining self-care strategies over the summer months will ensure that you will feel your best all season. Additionally, engaging in self-care can support the transition in daily routines once fall rolls around.

Here are some spheres of our lives that we should give attention in order to feel increased balance:

  • Relationships: family, friends, community
  • Work, finances and career
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Good nutrition and exercise
  • Rest and sleep
  • Spirituality and sense of purpose
  • Creativity and play (Chopra, 2005)

Don't know where to start? Let me help!

Examine your structured and unstructured time and reflect on your authentic needs during these moments. Consider where you may be thriving, surviving and or struggling in each of the above spheres of your life. This thought process may help you to assess and modify how you engage and identify your intentions for changes. Be kind and compassionate with yourself as you engage in self- dialogue with intent to assess and modify your experiences in order to invite greater balance. Once you’ve identified spheres in which you are struggling to thrive, imagine all the practical steps you can make to allow each sphere to have a stronger and satisfying reality for you. Your body, emotional health and others in your life will thank you for working on and sustaining a positive balance.

What are some ideas you have for finding balance in the summer months? Please share them below!

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