Many of you have likely heard about the upcoming RDI conference in San Diego on September 29 and 30th, but perhaps you haven’t considered how this conference may be beneficial for you and your family.

For parents that are just starting out or contemplating RDI

One of the primary goals of RDI is to understand the principles that are at the core of the model. We find it extremely beneficial for parents to really understand the “why bother” of any strategy that you use with your child. We want you to really “get” why its important to do X or say Y to your child. When you deeply understand the foundation of your program, you will not only be more likely to make a lasting change but you will understand how to change your course when you hit an obstacle. This conference can be the first step in helping you to think critically about yourself as a parent and your child’s development.

Whether you are a person that cautiously weighs decisions or jumps in head first, give yourself the opportunity to start outright. Spending two days learning from Dr. Gutstein and other RDI consultants will be a cost and time-efficient way to begin. During this two-day conference, you will start to change your thinking about parenting a vulnerable child. You will walk away with a strong understanding of what RDI is all about. You will gain insight from other parents and professionals about how to begin this process.

For veteran RDI parents

You’ve already anchored your commitment to the RDI program. You understand the foundational principles. You know how to modify your communication. You use your consultant effectively. So, why should you go? Personally having had the privilege to see Dr. Gutstein speak approximately 15 times, I always walk away feeling empowered to make personal changes in the way that I work with families and the way that I parent my own child.

We are constantly revising and updating our own personalized knowledge through lived experiences. Whether it is your first time or 15th time hearing Dr. Gutstein speak, you will hear it differently than before. You will take away something unique because you are not the same person as you once were. You will re-anchor your commitment to guiding your child.  You will deepen your understanding of yourself and your child. You will update your knowledge of RDI.

Don’t miss out.

For parents that are using RDI principles without a consultant

You’ve read the books. You are on the yahoo! groups. You have watched youtube videos and tried “activities” with your child. You may have even changed your communication.

Good for you!

You are seeking information to change your and your child’s life. The RDI 2-day conference will help you understand the theoretical underpinnings of the program, without which you may be spinning your wheels, a bit. The conference will provide you with more information that you have already started to seek. You will find yourself saying, “Oh, that makes sense” where previously you might have been confused or discouraged by your own attempts to apply the strategies that you have learned. You will have the experience of being around like-minded parents and professionals that are interested in more than developing skills in their child, and really want to discover how to parent to increase their child’s ability to be a mindful decision-maker. During the break-out sessions, you will get to hear and see how different consultants use this treatment approach. You will have an opportunity to figure out your “next step” in your journey of becoming a more competent parent.

For those that have misgivings about this model

As a consultant, I often find that parents and professionals have at least some misinformation about RDI. In fact, some websites show how RDI compares to other therapies. Some websites have shared that “RDI is the same as __.” When reading some of these posts that have not been written by Dr. Gutstein or an RDI consultant, my heart drops, because often I see how someone could have come to that conclusion, but they have misunderstood a core principle or have inadvertently linked unrelated concepts.

Although, many therapies have some common threads or even use some of the same strategies, its the underlying foundation of RDI that makes it unique. Learn about the guiding relationship and dynamic intelligence and how these underlying assumptions can redefine you and your child, creating a stronger and healthier family.

Sometimes I hear from parents, that, “my child is too (fill in an adjective) for RDI.” If you’ve thought this or if a professional has said this to you, come discover that RDI is not for anyone specific child or parent. RDI is a way to parent a vulnerable child differently. I’ve recently asked an RDI parent about her journey with RDI and she shared:

“I started RDI in January and in just a few months have already seen positive improvements in my boys which has helped my household be more manageable and peaceful.  I had problems really connecting with one of my twins, he was distant and not very loving with me and it was painful to see in the videos how much I tried to hard to get him to interact but would get nothing in return.  With just a few guiding activities he learned that I was interesting and that it was fun to do activities with mom.  Now, this twin is very close to me, openly loving, caring and shows empathy. It is amazing that growth in one developmental area has helped him blossom in so many different areas.  I can’t say enough positive things about RDI, it is life-changing and is the missing piece that my kids needed to learn to communicate and interact in a more natural and typical manner.” – Yvette, S., parent of 6-year-old twins with ASD

Come discover if RDI is right for you and your family.

And finally for the professional:        

For you, this conference might change your professional path (as it did for me) or it might just keep you well-informed about the ever-changing field of working with vulnerable children.

This conference will make you think. It will challenge you. It will excite you to be in this field.

Earn CEUs and network with other professional, while staying current within your field.

* *RDI 2 Day Conference * *

When: September 29 & 30th

Where: San Diego State Alumni Center

5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182

Cost:   Early Bird $210, Regular Registration $260

*funding support, scholarships, CEUs, discounts available

Info:   For more information

If you want to speak directly to the host of this conference to discuss your personal situation, please don’t hesitate to call Jenny Palmiotto, LMFT and RDI program Certified Consultant at 619-600-0683 ext 2.

Jenny Palmiotto is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified RDI program consultant. She has extensive training and a decade of experience treating individuals on the autism spectrum, specializing in individuals with invisible social deficits. She has been an RDI consultant since 2002.  She also has advanced training in working with couples that are longing to reconnect with one another. She is currently a 4th-year doctoral student at Alliant International University. She received her masters from the University of San Diego.

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