Meet Amanda Moore!

Amanda is celebrating one year at the Family Guidance and Therapy center this month! At the Family Guidance and Therapy Center of Southern California, each team member works from a set of personal values that drive client care. In the interview below, learn why Amanda decided to become a clinician, the values that she brings to the FGTC team, and what challenges her on a personal level.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in San Diego. I love this city and I can't imagine living anywhere else. I went to San Diego State University where I completed my B.S in Child and Family Development, I then completed a graduate level certificate program through SDSU which focused on children and their social-emotional development. In May of 2018 I completed my M.S in Early Childhood Mental Health through SDSU's LPCC program. My education at SDSU instilled my passion for working with young children and their families.

In my free time I enjoy going Padres Games and cheering on the team. I have always been a huge sports fan and like the atmosphere of Petco Park. I love going on road trips and following the Padres as they play in different ballparks around the U.S. I enjoy being outdoors and spend my summers camping, zip-lining, and going white water rafting. My biggest obsession is Disney, I'm a huge Disney aficionado. My weekend job is dressing up as a Disney princess for children's events and parties. It's amazing the impact you can make when portraying a beloved character. I visit the Disneyland parks multiple times a year and my goal is to someday visit all the parks in the world.

What inspired you to work as a therapist?

In my graduate certificate course, it focused on social-emotional development and the impact of the environment on young children. I learned about attachment, identifying feelings, being trauma-informed, and being reflective in my work with children and within myself. I felt that not only did I want to make a difference with children, I also wanted to help repair the relationship between children and their families. My LPCC course focused on working with the early childhood population and their families. I fell in love with the play therapy modality and will be moving forward to become registered play therapist as I continue in my career. Working with children and families is my passion and I am excited to see where it leads me.

Explain your personal value words and why they are important to you.

Strength, Empathy, and Positivity. Strength is something that I say to myself to get me through those hard days, I am strong enough to concur all that comes my way. Empathy is a trait I have always valued. Being able to be-with someone when they are in a vulnerable place is a powerful thing. Positivity is a value I would use to describe myself, I am a very positive and friendly person. I have a way of looking at the world with hope and love that I feel is important in the field of mental health.

What is unique about your work with clients?

I believe that what is unique about my work with clients is my background on early childhood. I am very aware of a young children's developmental domains and their behaviors; giving me that knowledge of knowing what may be causing behaviors or disorders. I feel like I understand young children and I believe I have a trusting/kind/ fun aura about me that children gravitate towards. My background with children includes teaching preschool and my specialty is music and movement. I love encouraging children to express themselves through music and dance, giving them the freedom to express themselves creatively.

What’s the most challenging and rewarding part of your work?

The most challenging part of my work would be working with young children and families who have faced different types of trauma and are feeling the effects of that experience. It can be a helpless feeling not being able to change certain environmental factors in the children and families lives. The most rewarding part of my work is being that person that the family can trust and gain a relationship with in session. I feel like I am truly doing my job when a child is excited to see me, or a parent is looking forward to telling me about the progress they made, it makes me feel proud in my work that I am doing.

After a long work week, how do you de-stress or unwind?

My ways of de-stressing are quite opposite. I either go home and take a nap (I love sleeping in my bed and cuddling my cat, Roger) or I like spending time with friends and having long conversations about anything and everything. In the last few years, I have gained very strong relationships with the women co-workers and colleagues in my life, I feel like this has been so beneficially in my growth as a clinician and as a person.

Tell us a funny story about yourself!

Growing up I was always such a little ham. When I was 9 I got a video camera and I started writing plays. I would star in them and force my younger sister and my neighborhood friends to be in them as well. Recently, I watched one that I made when I was about 10 years old. I was dressed in a cow costume, and I jumped on a pretend stage and just started singing this song about the life of being a cow. It was hilarious. I love that I have always had this silliness about me.

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