When life feels out of sorts, especially during times like these with national and global news filled with a pandemic, shaky politics and political scenes, and other unrest and world issues, we can easily slip away from the root of who we are and forget about what we believe in. You may have heard the term “Stay strong in your beliefs.” It is important to weld a sense of surety and direction into your existence by being true to your values—your fundamental beliefs and guiding principles. By living your life based on your beliefs, you are being authentic to yourself.

Why Does it Matter What I Believe In?

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When you believe in something—when you believe it to your core—your genuine actions speak for you. Your actions can speak louder than words when you stand strong in your beliefs. Joan Chittister once said, “Indifference is the acid of life. It erodes all of the spirit that is in us and makes us useless to anyone else. We all have to stand for something, or our souls cease to breathe.”

In true form, when you live by what you believe in, you not only make a difference in yourself, but also family, and community. When you base personal life-choices on what you believe in, you support the sense that you possess the freedom to be you—you are in sync with yourself despite any of life’s circumstances. If life throws difficulties at you (and it will), every choice you have made through your core belief system allows you to maintain a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. You can pat yourself on the back, as you have stuck to what is most important to YOU.

Do you believe in setting an example for others? When you are authentic to yourself, you become the influence that leads others through observation of you (compared to you giving directives). Trust builds and relationships bond as people witness your unwavering devotion to what you believe in. Is there any better way to teach your children, or others, than to lead by example?

What do I Believe In?

At the root, your core beliefs should never be based upon what others think you should care about. Nor should your personal beliefs consist entirely of what and how the world perceives, models, or patterns things. Personal beliefs and values make up who you uniquely are—you own this! We all possess a set of core values, which are essentially what we believe in and care about most in the world. Core values support the foundation of what we believe in. If you do not know what you truly believe in, consider starting with: How Do I Find My Core Values?

What is Essential to Your Life?

You are the first thing you should believe in. When you believe in yourself, you unlock limitations to believe and support whatever your heart leads you to value. When you believe in yourself, you become passionate about protecting what you believe in.

Do you believe in kindness? You might believe in kind acts such as “paying-it-forward.” You might believe that kindness is not entirely about giving or doing big things in life for others. You might believe that the smallest of kindnesses make a difference in the world.

Do you believe in speaking the truth? Your sheer belief in speaking the truth every single moment encourages a greater truth. It creates a cycle in others of belief, and it encourages others to speak the truth as well as seek the truth. Speaking the truth might also encourage you, or others, to speak out for a cause when the truth is not being told.

Do you believe in forgiveness? When you have a heart of forgiveness you may forgive before any offense occurs. Forgiveness is freeing for you, but it is also a belief that bolsters life choices, like setting boundaries instead of projecting hate or malice. Forgiving is not forgetting, but forgiveness is healing. The list of what you believe in may seem endless…yet it sits in the center of your heart. Carry a journal with you, or sit down when you have a quiet moment and write down what you believe in. Be open and honest, and let your heart and values lead you. Pour it out on paper!

We Are Here to Help

If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed and unable to process what you believe in at the core, we are here to help. We will help you steer towards living your life based on your core beliefs and authenticity to yourself. The Family Guidance & Therapy Center is a place where loving-kindness reigns, where labels and diagnoses are simply bits of information on your journey towards greater health and happiness. Our clinicians create treatment plans with your values and our expertise. We are working hard to make a difference in the lives of our clients and the way the world sees mental health treatment. There are three easy ways to make an appointment with us, online, call 619-600-0683, or text 619-607-1230.

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