It seems like every few hours another part of our lives is adjusting. 

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Covid-19  is tapping into the heart of what it means to be uncertain of the future, grasping for feelings of safety and predicting the next worst-case scenario. 

We know from the CDC that covid-19 is contagious and we are now experiencing another pandemic. 

Fear. From Dr. Brene Brown, “Fear is contagious and so is courage.” So, how do we get out of our own fear given that we have had  real life shifts to the comforts of work, school, community? 

What do we do when covid-19 has coveted much of what love? 

We make a decision to be BRAVE during uncertain times. Bravery comes in all forms. Clearly, we can see the courage in the first responders; our doctors and nurses, those employed in hospital settings, firefighters, and our police who have more to do than guard the insanity of toilet paper brawls. Each of us is called to be courageous in these times and part of being courageous means activating our support systems. 

Us mental health clinicians may not be serving on the front lines saving lives of those in acute respiratory distress. Yet, we are part of creating calm and stability during moments of crisis. When a hurricane rips through a town or a fire decimates a community, organizations such as send therapists the collateral damage of those hurt. When our whole nation experiences a State of Emergency, we are called to take action too. 

Our action is to help you through this day-to-day, every moving state of events. 

To help make your mental health a priority at this time, even if you are short on cash, we are offering a new client (cash pay) rate of $60.00 for telemedicine counseling during this time of crisis. Please reach out and see how we can help. You are not alone. Schedule an appointment here. 

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