“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” - T.S. Eliot
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Three simple words, ‘A new beginning,’ encourages us into the new year. We never need a new year to start fresh, of course, because we wake up each morning with the ability to do our best and to do what matters most. But it is absolutely a healthy endeavor to look at the current year as a door that is closing—to make an end so we can make a new beginning.

Does that sound easier said than done? Intention and determination, with a focus on core values, solidifies the building blocks that make new beginnings possible…and each of us is equipped with these abilities. 

Let the Heavyweights Go

To step into any new beginning, we must dump off any ‘heavyweights’ that can prevent us from moving forward. So, prepare to release what you cannot personally change. 

Using the year 2020 as an example, imagine stuffing reminders of your heavy feelings towards the pandemic (stay-at-home measures, homeschooling, mask-wearing, social distancing, etc.) into a suitcase that you plan to carry into the new year/new beginning. Then, ask yourself, what is the purpose of carrying this with me? Can I change the pandemic? Can I change the “new normal” that has entered our lives? 

The answer is clear.

You cannot change the pandemic.
You cannot change the stay-safe measures that took place with the “new normal.”
You can, however, dump the heaviness off (frustration, anger, fear), and step across the threshold (no baggage needed). Once you close the door behind you, you will enter a new space where you can start life anew with fresh intentions.
What a freeing gift you have given yourself!  

Your Intentions

An intention is an idea that you plan and mean to carry out. Your goal, purpose, or aim, is your intention. Intentions help to establish and put into movement any new beginning. 

Ask yourself these two questions to clarify your intentions: What really matters to me? What are my objectives (i.e., for the new year)? 

Intentions should form around your personal beliefs and what you value. Do you know what your core values are? We live our lives with authenticity, purpose, and fulfillment when we dedicate our intentions to our core values. We want that. 

The world tends to tug and pull at us, but there is nothing that can separate us from our core values. Take a deep breath and think about it. What core values do you intend to structure your life around in your new beginning? 

Honor Your Values and Perseverance

A mantra-driven resolution is NOT a part of your new beginning. Your motivation is NOT to resolve a problem. Instead, your focus is on what matters most—your intentions, your values, and this equates to being true to you

To stay on track, try starting the year off with a single journal entry that describes your intentions. Then, each day, write a few lines expressing how you honored your core values. The autonomy that you experience in this exercise will help you to persevere. You will then develop a natural awareness and drive to maintain your new beginning. 

Intentional Living is Healthy

New beginnings are nothing to be ashamed of. Pivoting can be healthy. Intentional living is a marker of strength.

Remember that a focus on core values helps you clarify your vision of where you want to go and will help you step in the direction most important to you. Proactive dedication to this can be gratifying and enriching and will help you fulfill intentions throughout your entire life. Read more

Happy New Year to you!

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