Petaluma (Northern California)

The Family Guidance and Therapy Center

Location & Hours

135 Keller St. Suite C
Petaluma, CA 94952

This location offers services in Marin & Sonoma counties. Click here to schedule online.

Contact Information

Text: 619-607-1230

[email protected]

Service Options at FGTC Petaluma

Assessment and Evaluations

-- Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations

-- Educational / Neuropsychological Evaluations

-- ADHD, Dyslexia and ASD with co-morbid learning / mental health diagnoses

Learn more about our diagnostic assessment options

Therapy Options

Autism Therapy

RDI® (including DI Program)

Education and School Services

Mindfulness Classes and Groups for Children and Parents

Social Skills Classes and Groups

Education and Professional Development

Education and Professional Development

-- High Quality Supervision for Employees Pre-licensure

-- Development and Oversight of a Multi-Disciplinary Practice

-- Education and Training in the Community and On-Site - On-site and community training: ADOS-2, mini-conferences and workshops, support groups

About the Family Guidance and Therapy Center

We do things a little differently around here by letting our values guide us and our relationships shape us. Our approach is a humanistic model that values the individual, with loving kindness at the center. In this model, labeling and diagnosis become just a piece of information to understand and help the person.

Live purposefully. Love fully. Grow with us!

Petaluma Clinical Director

Dr. Jessica Hobson

Dr. Jessica Hobson
Point Loma
Point Loma
Point Loma
Point Loma

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