Child Assessment

Assessments for Children and Teens

Many parents worry when their children seem to be struggling at school, with friends or with at home. Sometimes as parents, we just have a sense that something is that our child is experiencing is different or more challenging. It may be helpful to seek an evaluation if you notice emotional outbursts, challenges with uncertainty, difficulty with communicating ideas, differences in connecting with others, motivational issues, or hurdles in completing the tasks of childhood.

All these signs do not mean that you are a bad parent or that there is something wrong with your child. It may mean that an assessment can identify and describe areas of differences so that you can support your child in the best way possible.

If you, or your child, have already received a diagnosis and you are needing a re-evaluation for insurance or school, please go here.

How We Can Help

The Family Guidance and Therapy Center provides Educational / Neuropsychological Evaluations for ADHD, Dyslexia and ASD with co-morbid learning / mental health diagnoses. Providing an evaluation for your child can give them access to tools that will help them succeed in life, identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and help them feel like they are not alone.

Signs that your child is struggling can include:

  • Delayed or missed developmental milestones
  • Limited motivation
  • Requires frequent reminders and redirection
  • Anxiety and difficulty tolerating change or imperfection
  • Looking at situations in a negative light
  • Difficulty making or keeping friends
  • Tendency to give up when academic work or tasks become challenging
  • Difficulty with chit-chat and social conversations
  • Lack of interest in cooperative or imaginative play
  • Emotional regulation challenges, such as tantrums or meltdowns
  • Learning or memory problems
  • Difficulty with motor planning and sequencing of everyday tasks
  • Avoidance of challenge

At the Family Guidance & Therapy Center, we are committed to helping all children be the best they can be. We want this experience to create lasting change within your life. We love being a part of creating a better you!

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