Meet Laura

Growing up as an undiagnosed autistic individual has given me a unique lens through which I can approach this field. I experienced being misunderstood for my autistic traits, and this instilled a belief in me that every human, autistic or not, has an inherent goodness and an inherent logic behind why they behave the way they do. The opportunity to help create a safe space for other autistic individuals who are growing and learning to navigate the world is something I hold very close to my heart. I value radical kindness, empathy, and equality. These are beliefs I try to center in my work every day. I understand intimately the way autism impacts social dynamics, family dynamics, and perception of the world. My goal is to use my lived experience and enthusiasm for learning in a way that helps clients feel seen, heard, and supported. I look forward to  providing you with the tools to navigate intense emotions, day to day social situations, and communication challenges.

Laura Johnson

Developmental Therapist

Live purposefully. Love fully. Grow with us.

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