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Live Event: Practicing Self-Compassion

Think about the last time you made a mistake. For many, this isn’t a comfortable thing to do. For many, making a mistake is accompanied by self-judgement. A critical voice in our head that calls us names and berates us for our failings. When we make mistakes, fall, or...

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Love & Autism Events are Happening Now!

Join us for a Talk on Neurodiversity By Jenny Palmiotto We, at the Family Guidance and Therapy Center, love Love & Autism! We love it so much that we want to bring it to you year round! For those of you who were torn between two of our breakout sessions, only able...

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The New Office in Central Texas!

The Family Guidance and Therapy Center in Central Texas is Ready for Business We have officially moved into our newest office, located in Central Texas! We are currently offering only RDI & Autism therapies in our Austin/Central Texas location as we finish...

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