Therapist Spotlight: Megan Murphy

I firmly believe in the importance of collaborating with my client and am constantly learning and growing from each experience a client shares with me. I ensure that I view each client as an individual and support them to find the right level of challenge necessary to experience growth.

Bread and Jam for Behaviors

Movement Method is misnamed. It’s not a Method – it’s a framework. It’s a lens to view behaviors, motivations and the brain science of what is happening.  It’s a lens to understand our own cultural upbringing and how we got to a place where we are applying techniques that don’t work – in fact, they create suffering.

Therapist Spotlight: Samantha Alexander

I’ve always felt that as the professional I needed to be in the passenger seat. I believe that parents have to be at the wheel when it comes to intervention. I am available to provide guidance, support, ideas and expertise but I can’t decide where we are going. I start my work with parent empowerment so they feel competent and ready to lead because while I may know autism they know their child.

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