This is the last Friday that I will sit at this worn desk. The last day that a story will be told on this couch. These four walls have held so much in the last six years. So many memories, so many shared moments.

As a family therapist, this office has been my clinical home. And leaving home is hard, scary, exciting, overwhelming and final. There are real emotions around this goodbye.

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In this room, I’ve been gifted with the beauty of vulnerability, where each person finds their spot on my couch and shares their truth. From silly pranks, which conclude in big belly laughs, to the conclusion of marriage; this office has been a stable place for many. Just a part of their weekly routine, a place to stop and receive comfort.

Children grew up here, played here, developed their voice here. These walls witnessed engagement rings, birth announcements, suicide contracts, and softer - but just as powerful - transformations of people. I will miss this place, this couch. For this is a place of discoveries and dreams; both my clients' and mine.

So much laughter, so much silence, so much life. So much real stuff.

Our sweet little office with four suites will be cleaned and prepared for what’s next in her journey. For us, we move just down the path to our new space with new paint, untraveled floors, and pillows that haven’t been held by so many arms. New walls, new couches, new everything!

This move marks a new chapter, a new home, a new place to create, cry and carry the stories of others. It marks a new beginning.

What is your new beginning? What do you leave behind?

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