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We are 1.5 months into FGTC providing services at our community locations and we have officially opened our upstairs and are ready to serve our clients! (still under construction but imperfectly ready.)

Our new community spaces have four rooms all with sensory items to soothe, regulate, activate energy and just enjoy. This is what we can FUN-CTIONAL space. Fun + Functional for all of us to unwind, connect, and just be ourselves.

Room 1

Zen, chill, quite, and calm are all things that can happen in this space. Read a book together, start a large puzzle on the back table, paint your nails, watch our fish swim in their tank (soon to come), just soothe your soul with a partner or individually. Two egg swings are on their way; for a bit of indoor oxytocin boost. Energy level 1.

Room 2

Connect with each other, do cool things! This room is designed to have several small group spaces. When connection is hard for a person, big groups can make it hard to get in and feel good. This room features a 4 chair lounger area for talking and a daily activity set up to facilitate interaction - right now it's kinetic sand.

Our new community spaces have four rooms all with sensory items to soothe, regulate, activate energy and just enjoy.

There is also a six group video game/youtube/karaoke hotspot to get teens connected on more than just the screen. We have a two-person lego table, a four-top for puzzle/crafting/gaming/projects and a two-top sensory table (right now a bubble wrap station soon to be shaving cream or water beads).

This room hosts all the projects we work on together, such as: ● make-your-own volcano kit ● unicorn slime ● make-your-own bath scrubs ● and many other DIT projects (do it together projects). Room 2 also includes games such as spot it and q-ba-maze and a large popcorn machine for group enjoyment! Energy level 2.

Room 3

This is our higher energy team building room. This room is still a work in progress right now but it will include our very own regulation size air hockey table, mini ping pong, and (on our wishlist!) a pacman game. Room three also hosts an eight-top full dry erase table for tic tac toe, art, hangman...whatever! Large indoor bowling, exercise balls, yoga mats, and a mini trampoline (when I can find the legs, lol) are also available.

Room 4

This room is also not ready, but we are working on it! Room four will be another place to have intimate connections; trying to meet someone new or deepening connection with someone important. This outdoor space is for circling up in the sun. It's quiet and meant for thoughtful connections.

And then there is our downstairs homes.....Bathrooms are almost done! Updated sinks, beautiful tile, modern and functional (more on that as it happens).

Community is a feeling of connectedness as a result of shared beliefs, attitudes, and world views. Everyone needs to find their own place in the community. Sometimes, a child or young adult with autism can feel cut off, never having been taught the skills to go out on their own. The community programs at FGTC are a place where autistic children, teens and young adults can find a safe space in the San Diego community. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call to see which community program best serves you and your family’s needs.

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